GM Credit Card

GM really changed the game when they first put out their GM Credit Card back in the early nineties. Even though there is another newer version of the GM Credit Card in a rewards format, even the newer card doesn't beat the original GM Credit Card. The only thing that the newer card does that is better than the original is provide more flexible ways to be able to redeem your rewards. If you are a fan of GM that is looking for a way to save more money toward your next GM purchase then the GM Credit Card-Flexible Earnings is the card for you. 

The GM Credit Card-Flexible Earnings now offers you two choices on how you would like to gain your rewards. You can either accept their nice offer of 3% cash back style vehicle earnings or you can earn an unlimited 1% on all purchases that you can redeem in $100 checks or deposits. If you were going to go with the choice of the regular GM Card you would be surprised that the original card still pays a huge 5% reward instead. Even though the regular GM Credit Card pays a higher percentage, the GM Credit Card-Flexible Earnings still has its point in the rewards arena and is still a competitive product in its own right. GM and its partner bank being HSBC did decide to reevaluate and revamp the regular card though. As it stands now on the regular card, you can even opt to change your mind on purchasing the vehicle and can just receive your cash instead. In the past, if you decided to change your mind like that, all of your points became null and void which made everything you had done a complete waste of energy and money.

There tend to be some things that people don’t like about the GM Credit Card-Flexible Earnings. If you choose to go with the 1% cash back unlimited then you can never go back and change for the 3% deal. And the other thing people don’t like is that they would have to wait until they have accumulated the $100 in cash back before they can withdraw any of the funds. However, these things are part of the information you read when applying so it shouldn't really be a complaint if they are reading their terms, right?

Once interesting thing to note also is that while there are no limits as to how many points you can gather over time, there really is a limit on how long you can keep them. You points will expire after seven years from the time they are earned, unfortunately. Also, there are some limits to the amount of rewards you can actually redeem. Therefore, if you wanted to redeem something else and you have reached your limit, no matter how many points you have, there are no more things you can redeem. All in all though, the original card is still the best. But if you want just that little bit extra in a rewards card, make your way over to the online application for the GM Credit Card-Flexible Earnings.